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Item No.: CWS1530-1
Geostrophic Toy Lollipop
Packaging: 4.5g*50pcs*12bags /ctn
Carton Size: 42*30*24cm(0.03M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2266ctns
1X20′GP container: 933ctns
Item No.: CWS531-19
Item No.: CWS2370
4g Popping Candy
Carton Size: 47*21.5*24cm(0.024252M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2803ctns
1X20′GP container: 1154ctns
Item No.: CWS2400
Olive Bubble Gum
Carton Size: 53.5*29*17.5 cm(0.02715 M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2504ctns
1X20′GP container: 1031ctns
Min. Order: 1,000 Boxes
Item No.: CWS2619
ABS Box with Sugar-free Mint Candy
Package: 12g*50pcs*10boxes/ctn
Carton Size: 52.5*24.5*30.5 CM(0.039M3)
MOQ: 30, 000pcs
Item No.: CWS2542
Twist Hard Candy
Packaging: 7g*100PCS*24bags
Carton Size: 44.5*33.5*27cm(0.04M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1700ctns
1X20′GP container: 700ctns
Min. Order: 40
Item No.: CWS2581
Whistle Lollipop
Packaging: 21g*170pcs*6jars/ctn
Carton Size: 50*36.5*33cm(0.06M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1133ctns
1X20′GP container: 466ctns
Item No.: CWS2366-1
Fire Extinguisher Water Gun Toy Candy
Package: 4g*30pcs*12trays/ctn
Carton Size: 43*40.5*35CM(0.061M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1114ctns
Item No.: CWS2035-1
Ring Candy
Package: 12g*50PCS*12bags/CTN
Carton Size: 47x30x27CM(0.038M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1789ctns
Item No.: CWS1346-03/04
Cola Tin Toy Candy
Package: 5g*40pcs*12boxes/ctn
Carton Size: 48*30*35CM(0.0504M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1349ctns
Item No.: CWS2610-1
Rabbit Whistle Toy Candy
Package: 3g*30pcs*24trays/ctn
Carton Size: 63*30*34.5cm(0.066M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1030ctns
Item No.; CWS2263
Robot Jigsaw Dextrose Candy
Packing: 16g*40PCS*12boxes/CTN
Item No.: CWS2045
Blue Cat Bottle With Jelly Bean
Item No. CWS1507
Cheong-Sam Lollipop
Package; 120g*12PCS*4boxes/CTN
Item No.: CWS2338
Mint Candy(house style)
Carton Size: 31*20*37.5 cm(0.02325M3)
MOQ: 1*40HQ container: 2924ctns
1*20GP container: 1204 ctns
Item No.: CWS1792
Sugar Free Mint Candy
MOQ: 1*40HQ: 1522ctns
1*20GP: 626ctns
Item No.: CWS2088-3
Skateboard Duck Toy Candy
Package: 6g*20PCS*30boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 58.5*36*48CM(0.101M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 673ctns
Item: Fruity Filled Marshmallow(CWS2682)

*Packing: 20g*36packs*12boxes/CTN
*Carton Size: 45.5*37.5*40.5cm (0.0691M3)
*MOQ: 1X40′ HQ container: 984ctns
*1X20′GP container: ...
Item: Gummy Rope(CWS2685)
*Packing: 8g*48packs*12bags/CTN
*Carton Size: 39*27*28cm (0.02948M3)
*MOQ: 1X20′ GP container: 949ctns
1X40′ HQ container: 2306ctns

Flavor & color ...
Item No. CWS1793-1
Sugar free Mint candy
MOQ: 1*40HQ: 1907ctns
1*20GP: 785ctns
Item No.: CWS2471-1A
Tattoo Bubble Gum
Packaging: 4.4g*50PCS*40jars/CTN
Carton Size: 54*43*24.3cm(0.056M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1214ctns
1X20′GP container: 500ctns
Item No.: CWS2614-2
Pumpkin Jigsaw Dextrose Candy
Package: 64g*24cards*2boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 34.5*33*28.5cm(0.032M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2125ctns
1X20′GP container: ...
Item: Small pack Marshmallow (CWS2681)

*Flavor: Strawberry/Grape/Watermelon Flavor
*Packing: 20g*36packs*12boxes/CTN
*Carton size: 45.5*37.5*40.5cm(0.0691M3)
*MOQ: 1*40′HQ ...
Item No.: CWS2558
Balloon With Tattoo Bubble Gum
Packaging: 3G*24PCS*12boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 43.5*29.5*33cm(0.042M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1619ctns
1X20′GP container: ...
Item No.: CWS2423
Sour Bubble Gum
Packaging: 20g*24PCS*24boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 54*25*34cm(0.0459 M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1481ctns
1X20′GP container: 610ctns
Item No.: CWS2458-1
Football Whistle Toy Candy
Package: 8g*30pcs*16trays/ctn
Carton Size: 46*20*38CM(0.035M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1942ctns
1X20′GP container: 800ctns
Item No.: CWS2614-1
Pumpkin Jigsaw Dextrose Candy
Package: 64g*24cards*2boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 34.5*33*28.5cm(0.032M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2125ctns
1X20′GP container: ...
Item No.: CWS2416
Popcorn Chicken Bubble Gum
Packaging: 57g/pack*12packs*12boxes
Carton Size: 38*29*19cm(0.0209 M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 3253ctns
1X20′GP container: ...

Joyful Industries Ltd.

Guangdong, China

Last Login Date: Apr 14, 2014

Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory, Trading Company

Main Products: Candy, Confectionery, Lollipop, Sweet, Marshmallow, Dextrose Candy

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