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Item No.: CWS525
Halloween Candy
Packing: 16g/PC
Item No.: CWS2489
Nipple Gummy Candy
Packaging: 20g*40PCS*14bags/CTN
Carton Size: 48*30*32cm(0.04608M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1475ctns
1X20′GP container: 607ctns
Item No.: CWS1057-4
Fruit Popping Candy (orange)
Packing: 7g/bagX24bagsX12boxes/CTN
MOQ: 1*40′HQ: 1700ctns
1*20GP: 700ctns
Item No.: CWS2529
Diamond Ring Candy
Packaging: 16g*24PCS*12boxes/CTN
MOQ: 1X40′HQ RF container: 1293ctns
Item No.: CWS2162
Spors ShoesWhistle toy candy
Item No.: CWS2490
Red Tongue Gummy Candy
Packaging: 18g*40PCS*14bags/CTN
Carton Size: 41*32*35cm(0.04592M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1480ctns
1X20′GP container: 609ctns
Item No. CWS0589
Ring Pop Toy Candy
Item No.: CWS1346-02
Cola Tin Toy With Orange Press Candy
Packing: 8gX24pcsX12boxes/CTN
Item No.: 2495-1/2/3
Fruit Dextrose candy
Packaging: In Bulk
Item No.: CWS2088-2
Skateboard Chick Toy Candy
Carton Size: 56X35X48(0.094M3)
MOQ: 1*40′HQ container: 723ctns
Item No.: CWS2507
MBA Chewing Gum
Packaging: 12g*20PCS*36boxes
Carton Size: 47*37.5*34cm(0.059925M3)
1X40′HQ container: 1134ctns
1X20′GP container: 467ctns
Item No.: CWS2485-3
Lick Ice Cream Candy
Packing: 20g*20PCS*24boxes/CTN
Item No.: CWS1296
Trompt Toy Candy
Item No.: CWS1376
Twist Strawberry Hard Candy
Packaging: 7g*100PCS*24bags
Carton Size: 44.5*33.5*27cm(0.04M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1700ctns
1X20′GP container: 700ctns
Item No.: 06SEP
Item No.: CWS2554
E-Go Chocolate Roll
Packaging: 20g*20PCS*18boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 39.8*33.2*33.5cm(0.044M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1545ctns
1X20′GP container: 636ctns
Item No.: CWS2342-1
Chocolate bean
Carton Size: 39*29*40CM (0.045M3)
MOQ: 1*40HQ container: 1500ctns
1*20GP container: 630ctns
Item No.: CWS1485
Christmas Lollipop
Package: 30g*24PCS*12boxes/CTN
Item No.: CWS2325
Dextrose Candy with Magic Light Circle
Carton Size: 44*26.5*43.5cm (0.050721M3)
MOQ: 1*40HQ container: 1340ctns
1*20GP container: ...
Item No.: CSW1434
Football Bracelet Candy
Item: Sword Toy Candy (CWS2688)

*Packing: 1.6g*70PCS*30bags/CTN
*Carton Size: 40*26*22cm (0.02288M3)

*MOQ: 1X40′ HQ container: 2972ctns
*1X20′ GP container: 1223ctns
Item: Toy Gummy Candy(CWS2686)
Packing: 7g*20packs*36bags /CTN
Carton Size: 51*29*24cm (0.035496M3)
MOQ: 1X40′ HQ container: 1915ctns
1X20′ GP container: 788ctns

Flavor & ...
Item No.: CWS2414-2
Chocolate Cup
Packaging: 5g*72PCS*24boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 54.5*21.5*34(0.0398 M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1720ctns
1X20′GP container: 703ctns
Item No.: CWS2171-1
Large Speaker Toy Candy
Packaging: 4g*30PCS*12trays
Carton Size: 60*48*30cm(0.086M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 790ctns
1X20′GP container: 1037ctns
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Joyful Industries Ltd.

Guangdong, China

Last Login Date: Apr 14, 2014

Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory, Trading Company

Main Products: Candy, Confectionery, Lollipop, Sweet, Marshmallow, Dextrose Candy

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