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Item No.: CWS2486
Duocolor Chocolate Cup
Packaging: 5g*72PCS*24boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 54.5*21.5*34(0.0398 M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1720ctns
1X20′GP container: 703ctns
Item: Jelly Beans(CWS2687)
Packing: 9g*30packs*24boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 42× 38× 24.5cm (0.039102M3)
MOQ: 1X40′ HQ container: 1739ctns
1X20′ GP container: 716ctns
Item No.: CWS2370-3

Panda Jelly Lollipop

Packaging: 23G*30PCS*16boxes/CTN

Carton Size: 48*42.5*27.5cm(0.0561 M3)

MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1212ctns

1X20′GP container: ...
Item No.: CWS2545
Sunglasses&Teeth Candy
Packaging: 4g*24PCS*24boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 54*44*33.5cm(0.08M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 850ctns
Item No.: CWS2484
Three Colors Chocolate Cup
Packaging: 10g*72PCS*12boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 44*25.5*28.5(0.031977 M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2126ctns
1X20′GP container: ...
Item No.: CWS2552
Milk Candy (Orange Flavor)
Packaging: 780g*12jars/CTN
Carton Size: 51*35*23.5 cm(0.042M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1619ctns
1X20′GP container: 666ctns
Item No.: CWS2549
Chocolate Toothpast Popping Candy
Packaging: 15g*30PCS*18boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 52*28.5*36cm(0.053M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1283ctns
1X20′GP container: ...
Item: Twist Marshmallow(CWS2683)

*Packing: 9g*20packs*36bags/CTN
*Carton Size: 46× 40× 31cm (0.05704M3)

* MOQ: 1X40′ HQ container: 1192ctns
*1X20′GP container: ...
Item No. CWS1345
Candy Cup
Packing: 45g*36PCS*2boxes
Item No.: CWS2506
3D Decoration candy
Packaging: 8g*24PCS*24boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 47*34*29 cm (0.046342M3)

1X40′HQ container: 1467ctns
1X20′GP container: 604ctns
Item No.: CWS2535

Flesh Soft Candy

Packaging: 3.6g*80PCS*24boxes/CTN

Carton Size: 39*29.5*25cm (0.029M3)

MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2344ctns

1X20′GP container: 965ctns
Item No.: CWS2530
Fruit Candy
Packaging: 50g*24PCS*12boxes
MOQ: 1X20′GP container: 1200ctns
Item No.: CWS2369-1
Fish Toy Candy
Packaging: 5g*24PCS*16trays
Carton Size: 46*35*22cm(0.035M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1942ctns
1X20′GP container: 800ctns
Item No.: CWS2604
Tooth and Toothbrush Toy Candy
Package: 20g× 12PCS× 24boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 39× 26.5× 25.6cm(0.026M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: ...
Item No.: CWS1985-1

Strawberry Powder Candy

Packaging: 15g*24PCS*20trays

Carton Size: 40*25*39cm(0.039M3)

MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1743ctns

1X20′GP container: 717ctns
Item No. CWS1494-02
Christmas Lollipop
Packing: 30g*24PCS*12boxes/CTN
Item No.: CWS1067
Halloween Marshmallow
Item No. CWS2012

Fruit candy

Packing: In Bulk
Item No. CWS1429
South Africa Xylitol Chewing Gum
19gX20small boxesX24boxes
Item No.: CWS2046

Lovely Boy Bottle With Jelly Bean

Package: 170gX6pcsX8trays/CTN

MOQ: 1*40HQ: 1888ctns

1*20GP: 777ctns
Item No.: CWS2468
Lovers Rose
Packaging: 10g*20pairs*30bags/CTN
Unit Dimension: 8.5× 4.0× 6.5 cm
Carton Size: 56*30*31cm(0.05208M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: ...
Item No.: CWS915-4
Heart-shaped Lollipop
Packing; 12gX100pcsX12jars/CTN
Item No.: CWS2539

Football Ring Dextrose Toy Candy

Packaging: 3G*70PCS*30board/CTN

Carton Size: 51*30*40cm(0.061M3)

MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1114ctns
Item No. CWS1067
Marshmallow Lollipop

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