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Item No.: CWS1705
Cake Decoration
Package: In Bulk
Item No.:CWS2603
Bear Popping Tattoo Candy
Carton Size:46×33×28cm(0.043M3)
MOQ:1X40′HQ container:1581ctns
1X20′GP ...
Item No.: CWS2616-2
Strawberry Hard Candy
Package: 7g*100PCS*12jars
Item No.: CWS0554
Candy Cup
MOQ: 1*40HQ: 1696ctns
1*20GP: 816ctns
Item No.: CWS2583
Gummy Candy
Packaging: 12g*20PCS*36bags/CTN
Carton Size: 51*27*22cm(0.03M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2266ctns
1X20′GP container: 933ctns
Item No.: CWS1992
Bone Candy with Powder
MOQ: 1*40′HQ: 1416ctns
1*20GP: 583ctns
Item No.: CWS2615
Nipple Dextrose Candy with Candy Syrup
Package: 18g*24PCS*12jars/CTN
Carton Size: 46*22*33cm(0.033M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2060ctns
1X20′GP container: ...
Item No.: CWS1062
Bubble Gum
Item No.: CWS1139-1
Fruit Sherbet
Packaging: 3G*350PCS*6jars/CTN
Carton Size: 48*33*18.5cm(0.03M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2266ctns
1X20′GP container: 933ctns
Item No.: CWS1139
Fruit Sherbet Candy Powder
Item No.: CWS2497
Candy Powder
Packaging: 18g*30PCS*12jars/CTN
Carton Size: 52.5*35.5*29cm(0.054049M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1258ctns
1X20′GP container: 518ctns
Item: Roll Soft Candy(CWS2684)

*Packing: 9g*12packs*60bags/CTN
*Carton Size: 45X35X29cm (0.04567M3)

* MOQ: 1X40′ HQ container: 1488ctns
* 1X20′GP container: 613ctns
Item No.: CWS2534

Whistle Lollipop

Packaging: 10.6g*120PCS*4jars/CTN

Carton Size: 34.5*32.5*27.9cm (0.031M3)

MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2193ctns

1X20′GP container: ...
Item No.: CWS755
Fruit Lollipop
Packaging: 6g*50PCS*20bags
Carton Size: 38*26*21cm(0.021M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 3238ctns
1X20′GP container: 1333ctns
Item No.: CWS2411
Yoyo Bubble Gum
Packaging: 30g*12PCS*12boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 36*24*24CM(0.0207 M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 3285ctns
1X20′GP container: 1352ctns
Item No.: CWS2412
Mint Roll candy
Item No.: CWS2457
Mint Candy
Packaging: 23G *15tins*6boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 38.6*15.7*17.5cm(0.010605M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 3714ctns
1X20′GP container: 2571ctns
Item No.: CWS2392
Packaging: 20g*50PCS*12bags /CTN
Carton Size: 46× 32× 20.5cm (0.03M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2266ctns
1X20′GP container: 933ctns
Item No.: CWS2196-2
Sea Elves Toy Candy
Packaging: 5g*30PCS*24boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 60*37*44(0.098 M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 693ctns
1X20′GP container: 285ctns
Item No.: CWS2543
Twist Mint Hard Candy
Packaging: 5g*200PCS*12bags
Carton Size: 42*24*24cm(0.026M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2615ctns
1X20′GP container: 1076ctns
Item No. CWS1509
T-Shirt Lollipop
Package: 110g*12PCS*4boxes/CTN
Item No. CWS1506
Animal Lollipop
Package: 30g*24PCS*4boxes/CTN
Item No. CWS1508
Baboosh Lollipop
Package: 30g*24PCS*12boxes/CTN
Item No.: CWS2567
Bubble Gum
Packaging: 3G*24PCS*12boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 47*33*20cm(0.031M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2193ctns
1X20′GP container: 903ctns

Joyful Industries Ltd.

Guangdong, China

Last Login Date: Apr 14, 2014

Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory, Trading Company

Main Products: Candy, Confectionery, Lollipop, Sweet, Marshmallow, Dextrose Candy

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