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Item No.: CWS2417
Bubble Gum
Packaging: 50g *16PCS*12boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 33*26*38cm(0.0326 M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2085ctns
1X20′GP container: 858ctns
Item No.: CWS2517
Stick bubble gum with sour powder inside
Packaging: 15g*24PCS*24boxes
Carton Size: 33*25*26cm(0.021M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 3238ctns
1X20′GP container: ...
Item No.: CWS2571-2
Foot Lollipop with Sour Powder
Packaging: (10g+4g)*48pcs*12bags/ctn
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 3200ctns
Item No.: CWS2358
Sour Powder with Dextrose candy
Item No.: CWS1341-1
Whistle Motorcycle
Packaging: 3G*30PCS*12trays
Carton Size: 59*47*24cm(0.067 M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1014ctns
1X20′GP container: 417ctns
Item No.: CWS2505
Big Mouth Fish Cake Decoration
Packaging: 4g*12PCS* 100boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 37.5*32.6*30.8cm (0.037653M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1805ctns
1X20′GP ...
Item No.: CWS1020-4
Surprise Bag(Boy)
Packaging: 6g*30PCS*20bags/CTN
Carton Size: 59*35*32 cm(0.066M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1030ctns
1X20′GP container: 424ctns
Item No. CWS1737
Cake Decoration candy
Package: 5g*12PCS*16trays/CTN
Item No.: CWS2540

Bear Dextrose candy

Packaging: 6g*105PCS*20jars/CTN

Carton Size: 51*20*39cm(0.04M3)

MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1700ctns
Item No.: CWS2560
Yo-candy With Toys
Packaging: 10g*24PCS*12boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 40*20.5*29cm (0.024M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2900ctns
1X20′GP container: 1166ctns
Item No.: CWS1930-1

Fruit Hard Candy

Packaging: 7g*150PCS*16bags

Carton Size: 52*38*26cm(0.051M3)

MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1333ctns

1X20′GP container: 549ctns
Item No.: CWS2569
Zora Coconut Powder
Packaging: 4g*24PCS*40bags/CTN
Carton Size: 31*22*20cm(0.014M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 4857ctns
1X20′GP container: 2000ctns
Item No.: CWS2177
Hard Candy
Package: 7gX200pcsX12jars/CTN
Item No.: CWS2371
Cartoon Balloon
Packing; 5g*30PCS*12boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 45*37*22cm(0.03663M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1856ctns
1X20′GP container: 764ctns
Item No.: CWS2571-1
Heart Shaped Lollipop with Sour Powder(Tattoo)
Packaging: (8g+4g)*36bags*12boxes/ctn
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2500ctns
Item No.: CWS2465
Mint Candy
Packaging: 12g*50tins*6boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 24.5*24*35.5CM(0.020874M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 3257ctns
1X20′GP container: 1341ctns
Item No.: CWS2557
Easter Egg Chocolate
Packaging: 5g/PC*10kgs/CTN
Carton Size: (0.02M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2200ctns
Item No.: CWS598-2
Milk Candy
Item No. CWS1497
3D Lollipop
Package: 20g*24PCS*12boxes/CTN
Item No.: CWS2556
Grain and Corn Dark Chocolate
Packaging: 33G*20PCS*18boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 45*33.6*25.8cm(0.039M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1743ctns
1X20′GP container: ...
Item No.: CWS2548
Ring Candy
Packaging: 12g*24PCS*12boxes
Carton Size: 38*32*29.5cm(0.036M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1888ctns
1X20′GP container: 777ctns
Item No.: CWS2602-1
Liquid Bubble Gum
Package: 18g*24PCS*24boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 50*26*27CM(0.0351M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1937ctns
1X20′GP container: 797ctns
Item No.: CWS2494-1
Dextrose candy with Sour Powder
Package: 8g× 30PCS× 18boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 51× 21× 27cm(0.029M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 2344ctns ...
Item No.: CWS2605
Sours Mixed Intergrated Fruit Candy
Package: 15g*20PCS*30boxes/CTN
Carton Size: 50*26.5*43.5(0.058M3)
MOQ: 1X40′HQ container: 1172ctns
1X20′GP container: ...

Joyful Industries Ltd.

Guangdong, China

Last Login Date: Apr 14, 2014

Business Type: Manufacturer/Factory, Trading Company

Main Products: Candy, Confectionery, Lollipop, Sweet, Marshmallow, Dextrose Candy

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